Productive Tool

ProInteract, as an eDetailing tool, helps your field sales reps to be more productive by having them more engaging conversations with interactive and intuitive digital marketing content. It is very important for executing your sales and marketing campaigns to build customer experiences to potentially convert them as buyers of your products and services. Many organizations have now started to build brand relationships with potential customers by connecting them with various eDetailing methodologies.

ProInteract is compatible with all devices, allowing business stakeholders and marketing managers to leverage the flexibility to use their preferred digital marketing assets both online and offline. This eDetailing tool can render interactive and customer-centric value-based stories to support the customer conversation for better engagement. Its closed-loop feedback helps the marketing managers see how well the digital content is working and identify the target areas for improvement for better and efficient customer collaboration.

Smart Presentations: Enables your team to customize your presentation to prepare for your interactive conversation.

Share/Share Now: Enables your field sales team to share multiple digital content with your customers

Email Queue: Queues up the email for lateral correspondence

Feedback Forms: Customizable feedback form to seek your customer’s review on the products/services being sold to.

Trial / Evaluation Cards: Enables you team to share Trial/ Evaluation Cards for your customer to get the first glimpse of the product to evaluate its performance and value.

Analytics: Get real-time insights on activities performed by your field sales team during each customer engagement.

Conversation Pathways: Enables your team to customize your conversation by selecting the efficient conversation pathways.

Your Competitive Edge


ProInteract helps your field sales reps to customize your presentation based on your prospective customer's demographic and business needs.


Custom presentation features can fit with a list of curated and approved slides for interactive presentations to help in figuring out the right kind of product for a solution.


Interactive features can also be customized as per your request basing on the feasibility and other aspects that must be taken care of.


Orchestrate fully integrated complex features that will be setting up the benchmark for others to speed up the decision-making process.


Our platform compatibility of integrating various tools create a best-of-breed partner ecosystem for better customer engagement.



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