Media Support

ProInteract as an eDetailing tool for customer engagement and sale enablement, supports various media file formats making the content even more intuitive and interactive while having conversation with your customers.

The eDetailing tool helps your customers to curate interactive digital content of various compatible formats.

With easy deployments and better control of your customer conversation pathways, ProInteract is a reliable eDetailing tool to host a multitude of features by showcasing compatible file formats on various mobile devices making your conversations even more engaging. ProInteract helps in creating a fully customized e-Detailing experience to meet your needs for a successful customer engagement. It can potentially provide your field sales reps with a more convenient source of getting the information with the right content at the right time.

With the compatibility to host several medial file formats, curation of more refined and personalized conversation modeling using the interactive digital content is the key to your customer journey success.

Your Competitive Edge


It helps the user view and share your digital marketing content created in various compatible formats.


Compatible media formats including MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDFs, Videos (MP4, MP3, JPEG, etc), HTML content, etc.


Equipped to play embedded audio and video along with image viewer.


Helps in the curation of most effective and interactive content to engage your customers.


Create, manage and share custom medial files of various file formats.



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