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ProInteract is a uniquely go-to Customer Engagement & Sales Enablement platform built for data & insights driven Customer Journeys.

ProInteract is a proven SaaS-based customer engagement and sales enablement platform designed and developed for field sales reps who can effortlessly initiate their interactive conversation with their customers with the powerful tools enabled in ProInteract for portraying the right content at right time for optimum customer experiences.

The field sales reps do not have to switch between various applications or files and folders. Instead, use ProInteract to host essential data for better customer engagement and sales enablement resulting to better profitability.

ProInteract has the capability of not just managing essential data but also host multiple apps under one roof. Your field sales reps will able to swap apps at ease during a conversation with the customer. ProInteract is compatible to showcase marketing collaterals with various file types, from PDF, MS Office Suite through 3600 Images through Anatomical Images & IVR for intuitive and interactive customer engagement.

Manage each of your conversation modeling by easy-to-use custom presentations tool to help your customer engagement turn into sales enablement. Manage your marketing collateral in folders and customize your presentations for different customer engagement.

The analytics module will be a great help for the stakeholders, business and marketing heads, which will help them show case deep and meaningful insights to gauge their field sales reps' performance. The integrated ProInteract Analytics module will help the business understand the market trends of a product or services, and how people are responding to it, to ascertain market & financial viability.

ProInteract consciously and constantly strives towards innovative solutions for improving and introducing new enablement features which will prove as a solution for better customer engagement experiences and sales enablement.

ProInteract ensures to deliver value proposition for your customers that is relevant to your business.

ProInteract Platform

Surgeons & Other Health Care Providers


Field Sales


End Customers & Patients


Medical Non-Care Givers


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