Cloud Base

ProInteract is an ultimate eDetailing tool for your customer engagement and sales enablement solution which is on the cloud to cut downtime and budgets on curating interactive marketing collateral with uniformity in messaging across various regional markets. Being on cloud, it has the capability to integrate with 3rd party tools like other CRMs, Open APIs, organization applications, etc. Now you can curate and deliver personalized digital content for your customer engagement much faster.

With the cloud-based technology, ProInteract can be accessed by your field sales reps and showcase your digital marketing content from anywhere and anytime regardless of the network availability.

ProInteract helps in enabling our field sales reps to access and share selective digital content while avoiding the issues and costs associated with software installation. Your field sales reps and marketing can benefits from the effectiveness by accessing shared content stored remotely and harvesting analytics for deep insights to gain the most traction with your customers. In this way, working in the cloud allows your sales force to make use of the e-detailing tool - ProInteract - qualitatively and quantitatively.

Your Competitive Edge


Access your interactive digital content from anywhere whether online or offline


Content curation is much easier and, on the cloud, can host several versions of updated content


Offers greater flexibility to your field sales reps to work collaboratively.


Offers unlimited integration with any 3rd party tools of your choice, including eCommerce tools, CRMS, social networks, file storage, servers and much more.



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