Conversation Pathway

ProInteract's conversation pathway (modeling) helps in predicting customer behavior

The essence of the conversation pathway/ modeling is data-driven marketing – enabling organizations to predict customer behavioral trends and exhibit cyclical, multi-threaded behavior.

It helps in detecting behavioral trends where sudden changes are more prominent than sustained behavioral patterns. Conversation Modeling customization helps in recognizing cyclical patterns of historical conversations with the customer and duration.

Gain alignment on multi-threaded pattern whereby events are tracked across all channels to find correlations among the customer engagement journey.

ProInteract enables organizations to understand the importance of conversation modeling adoptions to help identify patterns, trends and event markers.

Our conversation pathways are so customizable depending on the customer your field sales reps try to reach.

ProInteract is an eDetailing tool that helps your field sales reps engage your customers by refining and defining the conversation model needed at given a sales pitch while having a conversation with your prospective customers. Our eDetailing tool ensures that the conversation pathways always be customer-centric offering simple and sequential flow of your conversation pathways to engage your customers to follow and understand your products and service offerings.

Your Competitive Edge


Deliver engaging conversations and experiences that build brand connection.


Evaluate the engagement of your customer's success with your products and service offerings.


AI-based conversation modeling enables multitask-learning to improve conversation pathways.


Credibility of value-based content for customized conversation pathways

Conversation Pathway


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