Claims Management

ProInteract is a powerful eDetailing tool that will help you store and manage the accessibility of important claims data from your products or customers, resulting in effective action and optimized co-ordination between the various procedures involved in claims management.

Claims management becomes a critical component of ProInteract to improve customer experience by accessing digital assets and collaterals which are compliant and have proper claims management system in place. This eDetailing tool ensures to have a simple submission process from its platform. Claims management helps your field sales reps to use apt digital assets without conflicting interests of your prospective customers. The claims management feature helps in auto up-to-dating the documentation, prepare the claims, prevent them from losing relevant documents, and maintain the versioning of each update.

ProInteract, as a cloud-based eDetailing tool, has a centralized database that can be accessible by authenticated users to view claims documents at any given point of time.

Your Competitive Edge


ProInteract helps in enlisting digital documents related to the claims and provides the user with the reason for which the claim was made.


Helps your field sales reps to prevent or minimize the cost of a potential claim.


Manage timely update replacement of new and updated claims factsheets per the copy approval process.


AI-based workflow automation in ProInteract ensures to render claims management features such as the very likelihood of fraud, loss, or litigation, to speed up its downstream handling.

Claims Management Features


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