Strategy Consulting

ProInteract is a SaaS-based platform designed and developed for your customer engagement and sales enablement strategies with eDetailing capabilities for your field sales team to have productive interactive conversations. The customer engagement model is featured with structured conversation pathways to re-imagine your business model and identify ways to positively enhance your customer's views on your products and services.

ProInteract helps in envisioning an outreach strategy for your field sales and marketing team to understand applications and its productive use in the field sales for better customer engagement. The flexibility in customizing your conversation pathways plays a key role in your customer journey and ProInteract achieves that target by enabling you to customize your content for a better storytelling pitch for your prospective customers.

ProInteract brings in industry expertise value to gain an objective view of your business goals with a proven platform that was designed and developed over the course of several years and gaining insightful reviews from our customers to strive through innovative solutions across the platform. ProInteract helps in driving the ability to consolidate various fragmented product categories under one strategic selling model. ProInteract strategy helps in reorganizing your digital marketing content for optimized customer engagement and sales enablement to eventually result in better ROI.


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